When is it appropaite to shave facial hair

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Goldenberg's approach is that the condition of your skin should determine how often you shave "Women with sensitive skin can develop significant irritation and redness. That's an old wives tale because you don't get more hair follicles when you shave. As with any skincare treatment, you need to make sure you take care of your skin afterwards to get the most out of it and to avoid irritation. Goldenberg stated, "Note that there isn't much evidence that it helps with anti-aging. Every expert I spoke with said this is untrue.

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This applies for men with beards that are required to have it well groomed.

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How Often Should you Shave your Facial Hair?

You could also be very lazy and postpone shaving for as long as possible. Goldenberg noted, "It is important to remember to use a gentle cleanser before [shaving] and an antiseptic cleanser after. Many people are afraid to start shaving because they fear in the long term, when their hair grows back, it will look worse. Her product works the opposite way, with exfoliation first, and hair removal as a bonus. There are also many cases of men who might be growing a beard to hide skin blemishes, blackheads, or other skin conditions they would like to cover. Naturally, Levy believes her own product is the way to go. Once or twice is the general rule.

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when is it appropaite to shave facial hair
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when is it appropaite to shave facial hair
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