Bisexual mentall illness

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These alarming trends continue into adulthood. All these factors underscore the rise in mental health issues amongst bisexual people. As a bisexual person who struggles with anxiety, this fear was very real to me. According to the Bisexuality report released inbi people are more prone to suffer from mental health issues in comparison to homosexuals. Fear of shame and bullying causes many to stay closeted, thus leading to high anxiety levels.

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Speak to someone in your support system if you are feeling depressed or anxious and if you are feeling suicidal, seek help.

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5 common mental health issues if you are bisexual

Studies have found that bisexual-identified people make up approximately half of the total population of the LGBTQ community -- but only 28 percent of bisexual people report being out to those closest to them. A study on sexual identity among high school students in the United States conducted a national risk behavior survey to better understand the disparities between sexual minority gay, lesbian and bisexual students and heterosexual students. Although the LGBTQ community reports high rates of anxiety and mood disordersrecent statistics show that bisexual people are far more likely to experience mental health issues than either lesbians or gay men within the community. Bisexual individuals were shown to experience more stress in the development of sexual identity, leading to a higher prevalence of depression and associated symptoms including fatigue, eating disorders, insomnia and anxiety. Communities, parents and schools need to stand together to protect gender identities and sexual orientation preferences. Community discussion Read the guidelines. The 5 most common mental health issues that have been found prominent amongst the bisexual community are:

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bisexual mentall illness
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bisexual mentall illness
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