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Elena met him many years ago on that same island and enjoyed beautiful, anonymous lovemaking with him in the sea by the light of a full moon. The films biggest sin is the scene in the middle of the film where the daughter Luna opens the bedroom door. The movie is a journey into a land of wonders beneath the surface of consciousness -- but it's also a sexual ride of unabated heat. Nevertheless, the scenes do not seem tacked on for the sake of it and, in an era when Hollywood seems to be gripped by a new puritanism, it's refreshing to see a frank depiction of what is, after all, an important aspect of the relationship between these characters. Or the magic pull of the moon. It's a thoughtful film that forces its characters and its viewers to wrestle with the difference between great sex and true intimacy.

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There are two interwoven stories, six years apart, which Medem wrote separately as novels before combining them.

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Sex and Lucia

Medem is one of the few directors who understands sensuality and knows how to make it happen on screen. Deservedly so - she's wonderful. I think that despite it's flaws, this film shows a great vibrancy and energy. Beneath the gratuitous nudity lies a complex and visually striking movie. But never mind all that; the boobs are fantasti January 26, Rating: I'm sure that this was not entirely accidental and that the filmmakers wanted to keep the audience in a state of disorientation.

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sex and lucia free movie
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sex and lucia free movie
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